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Prevention Tips

Ways to Keep your Residence Safe:

  • Never keep rubbish in the hallway. Make sure it is stored properly and collected  regularly.
  • Don’t put items in the trash chute that are too big and may get stuck. Things caught in the chute easily can turn a fire in the lower floors into a fire on higher floors.
  • Be careful not to overload electrical circuits.  Short circuits are the cause of many fires.
  • Cook with care. Keep a tight fitting lid near by that can be used to smother stove fires.
  • Never smoke in bed and make sure that there are no smoldering butts when you empty ashtrays.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly and replace the batteries twice a year.
  • Make sure that your apartment door is tight-fitting, self-closing type of door in compliance with the fire code.
  • Inspect your exit stair doors. They must be self-closing, snap shut and unlock from both sides. If they don’t meet this standard, report it to the superintendent or the Fire Department.

If The Fire is in Your Apartment:

  • Get everyone out. Stay low as you go out. Close but don’t lock all doors in the apartment as you leave.
  • Alert others on the floor by knocking on doors. Activate the fire alarm if there is one.
  • Go down the nearest STAIRWAY, holding the railing.
  • Never use the elevator during a fire.
  • Above all ~ Stay Calm

If the Fire is NOT in Your Apartment:

  • Stay inside rather than entering smoke-filled hallways, especially if the fire is on a floor below your apartment.
  • Keep your door closed.
  • Seal the door with duct tape or wet sheets and towels. Seal ventilators and any other openings where smoke may enter.
  • Turn off air conditioners.
  • Unless flames or smoke are coming from below, open your windows a few inches at the top or bottom. Don’t break the windows; they may need to be closed later.
  • Call the Fire Department (9-1-1) with your apartment number and a description of the conditions in your apartment. Firefighters will be directed to your location.
  • Wait at a window and signal for help with a flashlight or by waving a sheet
  • Once you are out, STAY OUT.  Don’t go back inside for any reason.

Planning Ahead Can Save Your Life:

Things to know:

  • The layout of your floor.
  • The location of all stair exits from your floor.
  • The number of doors between  your apartment and the exit stairs. This is essential knowledge to find the exit in the dark.
  • Where your apartment key is located. Take the key with you if you are forced to evacuate.
  • The location of fire alarm pull stations

Things to Do:

  • Keep flashlights ready and in a handy place.
  • Install and maintain smoke alarms. Owners of high-rise buildings are required by law to install one alarm in each apartment, but maintenance is up to you.
  • Report fire hazards to your building superintendent. Blocked exits, piled trash, missing exit lights and open fire doors are violations of the law. If your superintendent doesn’t correct them call the Fire Department (239) 390-8000, and report the condition. Your life may depend on getting the violation corrected.

Evacuation FAQs

Escape Plan

Residential High Rise Fire Safety