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Our Organization

The organization begins with the Estero community; the people who call the Estero fire district home. They are the ones who ultimately have jurisdiction over the running of the fire district, because they are the ones who elect the Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners, in turn, hire the Fire Chief, who then is responsible for staffing the rest of the organization.

The chart below reflects the various areas of support needed to accomplish the purpose and goal of Estero Fire Rescue. Each area and each team member play a vital role in order for the team to function as a whole.

The administration of the organization oversees the financials, physical resources, planning, information technology and provides administrative support to facilitate all areas of Estero Fire Rescue.

The role of prevention is to enhance safety within the Estero fire district through plan review, code enforcement, education and community relations. This includes many educational programs and community service initiatives aimed at improving the safety and health of the entire community.

The area of operations is what most people imagine when they think of Fire Rescue. The men and women of operations are the ones who answer the call in the event of an emergency. In order to keep up to date in providing the best service to the community and in the mitigation of all health and safety emergencies, continued training is a necessity.

Estero Fire Rescue strives to work together and utilize the special areas of support needed to accomplish their goal and purpose: Dedicated and Driven for Those We Serve through aggressive life safety, proactive fire prevention, public education and community involvement.

Organization Chart
Organization Chart