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Heating equipment is a leading cause of home fires during the months of December, January and February, and trails only cooking equipment in home fires year-round.

  • space-heaterInstall your stationary (fixed) space heater according to manufacturer’s instructions or applicable codes or better yet, have it installed by a professional.
  • Plug your electric-powered space heater into an outlet with sufficient capacity and never into an extension cord.
  • Keep portable heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn.
  • Turn off space heaters when you are not in the room.

Don’t forget your fireplace and chimney when doing a safety check.

  • Make sure your fireplace has a sturdy screen to prevent sparks from flying into the room. Allow fireplace and woodstove ashes to cool before disposing in a metal container, which is kept a safe distance from your home.
  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually BEFORE the cold weather hits.