(239) 390-8000 ~ 21500 Three Oaks Parkway, Estero, Florida 33928

The fire apparatus used by Estero Fire Rescue are being damaged from low hanging branches and other vegetation. This is happening during emergency and non-emergency calls. The community has a large investment in the vehicles that respond to your emergency calls and we are asking for your help to alleviate this problem. Damage to the community’s vehicles means spending money on repairs that can be easily avoided.

The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires a minimum vertical clearance of 13 feet 6 inches for all access roads. I have attached a copy of the Florida Fire Prevention Code which states the requirements. I have also attached a drawing showing the area that needs to be kept clear of all obstructions.

We are dropping off this information to properties that may have issues with obstructions. We are asking that you as stakeholders in our community voluntarily remove any obstructions over the next 90 days. After that timeframe Estero Fire Rescue will resurvey the area for progress. If you receive this letter and would like to meet with me to discuss your situation please feel free to contact me at 239-390-8000.

Philip Green,
Fire Marshal