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Hand Sanitizers Frequently Asked Questions

sanitizerDo hand sanitizers reduce the spread of bacteria and disease?

Yes!  Studies have shown they are effective in reducing the spread of illness in households, elementary schools and in university dormitories.

Can hand sanitizers be dangerous for children to use?

Hand sanitizers are safe when used as directed. Even if a child licks his or her hands after applying it, this should not be a problem. Toddlers and infants are very sensitive to alcohol and can get very sick if they swallow mouthfuls of hand sanitizer.

Is there a lot of alcohol in these sanitizers?

Check the product label.  Some brands have up to 62% alcohol.

What is the safest way for children to use hand sanitizers?

An adult should watch the child take one squirt and completely rub it in until the hands are dry, or apply it to the children one by one.

Where should hand sanitizer products be stored?

Hand sanitizers should not be kept in bathroom where children are unsupervised.  Large quantities should be stored up high with other cleaners, out of the reach of children.

Call your Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 with questions regarding hand sanitizers or anything a child eats or tastes that you think may be harmful!

Florida Poison Information Center – Miami