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file-of-life[1]This medical information program was designed to help fire rescue personnel with needed medical information on any patient and is in cooperation with Lee Memorial Health Systems SHARE Club. This program is available to anyone living within the  Estero Fire Rescue district.

The File of Life is a form you complete with your health history, medications you may be on, who your family doctor is, and so forth. The completed form is then placed in its folder, which has a magnetic panel that sticks to your refrigerator.

A sticker is provided for your door alerting emergency personnel that you have a File of Life. If paramedics are ever called to your home, they will see the sticker on the door and can immediately access your medical history, which helps them treat you more efficiently. They also bring the File of Life form when they transport you to an Emergency Department to ensure the medical staff has your basic information when they begin treating you.