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Commissioner WilliamsCommissioner Bill Williams spent 32 years as a City/Town Manager in both New York and Massachusetts. During his tenure, he became certified by FEMA as an Incident Commander and performed the duties of Emergency Management Director for the city.  He retired in 2009.

Since that time, Commissioner Williams has served as a member of the Cascades at Estero Homeowners Association Finance committee, was elected Director in 2011, and President in 2012. He has also served as the Cascades representative to the ECCL since 2010 and was Co-Chair of the ECCL transportation Committee. This Committee represents all Estero transportation issues for Federal, State, and local system roads and projects.

In 2010, then Lee County Manager Karen Hawes selected Commissioner Williams as one of three civilian members to serve on the County Budget and Taxation Committee. This Committee meets monthly and makes recommendation on fiscal policy to the Board of County Commissioners. In 2012, Commissioner Williams was appointed as a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Organization.

He earned a BS and MPA from New York University with a concentration in Management and Finance. He served as an Adjunct Professor of Management at Fordham University, Bronx, NY.

Commissioner Williams has been married to his wife Deborah A. Williams for 35 years, has two sons, and has lived in The Cascades since 2009. Commissioner Williams was appointed to the Board in 2011, and currently serves as Chairman.

Term: 2016 – 2020